Wheelie bin locks, wheelie bin stands, lid locks and lockable wheelie bins. Prevents bins blowing over and lids blowing open.

BinPin no messy locks or chains.
Wheelie Bin Lid Locks.
BinPin and Wall Bracket Combo




BinPin and Mini-Bracket Bundle


BinPin Option 2. Back to back bins? Stops bins blowing over.


New Multi Packs

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Asbestos removal bins


Wheelie bin stands for all sizes of wheelie bin. Store bins side by side or back to back. Ideal for roadside bins and where bins are on the pavements. Powder coated with quick release locks and 2 keyed alike keys supplied.  See in our SHOP

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Bin Buddies & lid locks in your one stop shop.  Use BinPin on it’s own, use railings or our wall brackets.

BinPin, environmental friendly wheelie bin products.

Own a small business on the high street or industrial estate??

BinPin products provide modern storage solutions for wheelie bins globally. One Bin Buddy secures two bins.

Finally hassle free wheelie bin locking systems. No awkward padlocks, messy chains or drilling holes into your bin. The proper tool for a proper job BinPin.

BinPin keeps your bins in your designated area.

Retrofit Bin Buddy: Older bins have large diameter handles, newer bins have smaller handles, BinPin has different inserts to fit all sizes of wheelie bin, you can now secure an older bin to a newer bin or any mix of wheelie bins.

BinPin products prevent others moving your wheelie bins, bins blowing over, keeps bins tidy and other wheelie bin misuses…..Keyed alike for quick opening and closing.

For extra security if required, we provide wall brackets.

Ideal for council wheelie bins, communal bins area’s and privately owned bins.

If your bins are in a communal area our lid locks prevent anyone else using up your essential bin space.Lid Locks

Our new wheelie bin stands provide ideal solutions for small businesses  Wheelie bin stands

Key can only be removed in the locked position so always have BinPin coupling locked when not in use.

Own a small business on the high street? Then we have all the solutions no more bins blowing over or lids flying opened, keeps your rubbish where it’s meant to be!

BinPin rotates 180 degree from host wheelie bin to an adjacent wheelie bin which enables the ability to lock multiple wheelie bins together or use our handy wall bracket for single wheelie bin.
With it’s robust lock,stainless steal inner, hardened plastic grips, flexible rubber cover BinPin is more than a match for today’s weather conditions or potential vandals. Same key or different key on request.

Use BinPin along with wheelie bin brackets we make things even simpler and safer, just unlock BinPin, present bins to be emptied on collection day, return to BinPin and re-lock.

Also manages food waste caddies.

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