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Handy Wall Bracket and BinPin Bundle

  • Brand: BinPin
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £22.95

Available Options

BinPin wheelie bin clamp and powder coated wall bracket. All the fittings supplied.

Option 1 no locks snap on only for light medium duties. Light winds blustery conditions

Option 2 locks fitted both side heavy duties high winds


Before fitting to bin determine what pads you are going to use

There are 4 thin pads and 4 thicker pads

Thin pads for thicker wheelie bin handles

Thick pads for thinner handles

To open anti tamper lock there is a slot in the lock at 6 o'clock, insert key and quarter turn up to 9 o'clock. Using thumb and finger press in two circles on either side of clamp and open.

Tear of backing strip of pads and apply your pads to upper and lower halves

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