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Wheelie Bin Stand.

  • Brand: BinPin
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £72.00

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New adjustable wheelie bin stands. Adjusts between 240L & 140L wheelie bins. Bins on the driveway? Bins on an industrial park? Bins on the street?  Keep your bins where they should be.

Stainless steel adjuster, tamper proof screws, Nylock nuts and holder. Powder coated steel stand and wheelie bin clamp.

If used in the garden simple use a garden slab to secure.

Fits all wheelie bins. Unique tamper proof lock.

Store bins back to back or side by side by simply revolving one coupling 180 degree.

Snap on or lock on couplings.

Used by Barnsley Council, Newcastle Council and Fife Council

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