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BinPin wheelie bin clamp

  • Brand: BinPin
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £19.45

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Are simple to use with no need for drilling or bolting to walls. Wheelie Bin Tidies keep your bins organised and tidy.

A unique way to secure your wheelie bin from theft or moving without your authority. The BinPin is patented and of superb design.

Use BinPin with no insert (large handle), thin insert (medium)and ribbed insert (small) depending on your bin handles

For even more security we supply wall brackets if you require them. 

Pay with PayPal, debit or credit card.

Key Features:

* 2 keys supplied as standard. Keyed alike.

* Strong, durable and flexible security solution.

* Weather proof.

* Vandal resistant.

* Makes the bin/s more difficult to be stolen for bin fires ( which is a dangerous problem )

* Keeps wheelie bins upright during severe weather conditions

A brilliant way to make your bin or bins- secure. Like any keyed product used outdoors maintain your BinPin by lubricate locks periodically.

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