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Wheelie bin clamps

  • Brand: BinPin
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £18.45

Available Options

Wheelie bin clamps provide a environmental friendly wheelie bin solutions, keeping bins upright and in their designated area. No more picking up your bins after high winds or gales. Preventing bins blowing over or away.

Option 1 snap on only.

Option 2 locks on both side heavy duties

Thanks again to all our customers for the amazing sales. BinPin has revolving couplings so you can store bins back to back or side by side by simply rotating one coupling 180 degrees.

Re-positioned Unique stainless steel tamper proof lock and key, strong couplings, two 3mm steel wire inner connectors with a reinforced rubber tube body.

Semi flexible and strong clamp 



To open anti tamper lock there is a slot in the lock at 6 o'clock, insert key and quarter turn up to 9 o'clock. Using thumb and finger press in two circles on either side of clamp and open.

There are 4 pads in your pack these are to act as fillers that compress between thin and thicker wheelie bin handles.

Thick pads for thin handles

Thin pads for thick handles

Tear of backing strip of the four pads and apply your pads to upper and lower halves of the couplings.

Fit to wheelie bin and re-lock, rotate clamp to adjacent bin and lock. If you not using lockable type, simply snap on to your wheelie bins.

If you want bins back to back rotate coupling 180 degrees

Always keep in the locked position even when not in use, to protect the hinges and the locking arms and maybe apply some maintenance like spray with WD 40 and de-icer in the winter


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