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Wheelie Bin Stand.

  • Brand: BinPin
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £68.45

New adjustable wheelie bin stands. Bins on the driveway? Bins on an industrial park? Bins on the street? For 10% discount code BPIN10 you can use at checkout

Manufactured here in the UK for shops, retail, industrial estates, housing associations, property management and facility management.

Store bin or bins side by side or back to back. 

Keeps bins in their designated area and with our lid locks you have a well managed bin area.

Powder coated with stainless steel height adjuster and stainless steel locking nuts.

Unlock bin(s) on collection day, return and re-lock.

Tip: If you have bins on the pavement or unsuitable ground, attach bin stand to a paving stone or concrete slab. This will keep bins where you want them. The locks are designed for quick locking and removal. When not in use leave in the locked position.

Supplied with 4 anchor bolts M10 and 50mm long

To use debate or credit or card check out at PayPal as guest

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